Published at May 16 2023

Jaskanwar Singh, Uno Re

As our first episode of our Sponsor Series, Jaskanwar (Jas) Singh, Co-Founder of Uno Re joins us on The Missing Link! This is an especially special episode for us as Uno Re is engaged with Nayms as a sponsor. What is a sponsor you may ask? A sponsor is a user of our platform who run cells (on-chain balance sheet) on the Nayms' infrastructure to raise and access capital for their insurance programmes, and Uno Re's desire to bring in more opportunities for capital to access uncorrelated risks is a perfect place to start. Before he founded Uno Re, a cryptocurrency-based reinsurance and risk trading platform that offers multiple systems to manage stock trading risks, track capital requirements, and transfer risk portfolios to insurers, Jas also served as CTO to Sehteq, the fourth largest Insurtech in the Middle-East. During his tenure there, he built a system to onboard 500k users, and engineered the region’s first 'Build Your Own Insurance Plan' which brought in $25m of extra sales. While speaking with Dan and Danielle, Jas takes us through his journey of assessing what risks to cover in the crypto space, how he innovates on insurance policies when so many new risks emerge on an ongoing basis, and so much more. Don't miss out on this one! This podcast does not contain any financial or legal advice and you should not seek to rely on it as such. Opinions are the personal opinions of the speaker.