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Access exclusive opportunities for high returns and a diversified portfolio, through insurance as an asset class.

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Features long overdue. Delivered By Design.

One digital space for the creation of insurance programs, the raising and trading of capital, the writing of risk, and the payment rails for premium and claim transactions.

Digital Carriers

Capitalise an on-chain balance sheet in a cryptocurrency of choice and run your insurance business in the same denomination.

Full Regulation

Operate within a compliant environment licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority for digital asset business (DABA Class F) and insurance (IIGB).

Alternative Capital

Access new sources of capital for your insurance programs and use our tokenisation for the seamless administration and trading of positions.

Crypto-Native Captives

Set up segregated crypto-native captives with your own token or other digital assets for the purpose of self-insurance.

Nayms Discretionary Fund

Benefit from extra protection and security for users of the marketplace through the Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF), powered by the NAYM token.

Insurtech Infrastructure

Come together with the most innovative players in the insurtech ecosystem and collaborate within an emerging insurance marketplace.


Drive the market towards transparency and liquidity

The Nayms Platform is a single environment for insurtech brokers to run their operations. Brokers can connect to alternative capital and access underwriting not present in other markets, and by placing capital and risks for Segregated Accounts, new revenue streams are created where transaction rails are automated.

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Run an on-chain balance sheet

Insurance is changing. Be at the centre of a new insurtech ecosystem built on transparency, by exposing your book to the largest alternative capital source on the planet, with technology that doesn’t require a heavy legal influence to provide trust to contracts of insurance. Set up a Nayms Segregated Account within weeks and conduct your preferred crypto-native insurance within the Bermuda regulatory framework.

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Invest in insurance as an asset class

Tap into uncorrelated investment opportunities by holding insurance risk as part of your diversified portfolio. Own ‘participation tokens’ that hold your proof of ownership over various capital pools and proof of liability in the event of a claim and trade these tokens in our matching market based on insurer performance.

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Fully regulated. Digital Asset Native. Captives.

Captives are a method of self-insurance widely used in the traditional space. On Nayms, you can now build your own segregated account to run a digital captive with your crypto assets or even your own project token, all on-chain and within a fully regulated structure for safe governance and compliance.

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What the industry is saying

We’re here to bring huge efficiencies to the most efficient players in the market, in a transparent and agnostic fashion. Here’s what they have to say.

We are thrilled to see the announcement that Nayms has graduated from the Bermuda Monetary Authority’s (BMA) sandbox in not one, but two licence classes. Their Class F (Full) Digital Asset Business licence, and an Innovative Insurer General Business (IIGB) licence will allow Nayms to continue to expand their presence on Island, and demonstrate Bermuda’s capacity to serve as the jurisdiction of choice for innovative digital asset businesses. We wish Nayms success in this next chapter as the world’s first crypto-compatible insurance marketplace.

E. David BurtPremier of Bermuda
  • Eyhab Aejaz

    I could not be more excited to partner with Nayms to tackle one of the biggest problems in the crypto space - limited insurance capacity. Dan and the Nayms team bring an excellent balance of curiosity, smarts, hunger, and creativity, all of the right characteristics to solve an industry issue of this magnitude.

    Eyhab AejazBreach
  • Hans Kjellby

    At SafetyWing we believe that Insurance should be transparent and simple. As we are doing with travel medical insurance and global health insurance, Nayms is doing with the reinsurance market. We can't wait to use Nayms technology to make our offering even more transparent and better for our customers.

    Hans KjellbySafetyWing
  • Gregory Di Prisco

    At Maker we believe in the power of transparency and composability in financial transactions. Nayms is bringing these premises to the traditional insurance industry in a cutting-edge way. I can't wait to see the result of this collaboration.

    Gregory Di PriscoMaker Foundation

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