Published at July 18 2023

Dan Thomson, InsurAce

In the second episode of our Sponsor Series, Dan Thomson, CMO of InsurAce joins us on The Missing Link! What is a sponsor in the Nayms Marketplace? A sponsor is a user of our platform who run cells (on-chain balance sheet) on the Nayms' infrastructure to raise and access capital for their insurance programmes, and InsurAce's desire to bring in more capacity for access to decentralized finance insurance makes us perfect partners. While speaking with Dan and Danielle, Dan takes us through his journey of launching InsurAce, how they ramped up from 20 covered protocols at launch to 147 covered protocols now, we discuss the opportunities for embedded insurance in the crypto ecosystem, a behind the scenes look at the claims process after the Terra/Luna depeg and more. Don't miss out on this one! This podcast does not contain any financial or legal advice and you should not seek to rely on it as such. Opinions are the personal opinions of the speaker.