Become a NAYM

NAYM is a hard-working utility token of the Nayms platform. It encourages correct behaviour and aligns incentives among supply- and demand-side participants. Holders share in the positive performance of the marketplace through staking and can engage in governance of the Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF).

The Nayms Discretionary Fund

Fortifying the Marketplace

The Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF) is available as a council for redress and as an elective backstop. NAYM holders can petition the NDF with a concern or grievance about an experience in the marketplace. NAYM stakers will consider the petition and rule on its legitimacy. Positive resolution may involve compensation from the NDF’s collective assets, which include NAYM and other digital assets. For initial capitalisation and under certain conditions, NAYM can be purchased from the NDF at a discount.

Deposit into NDF coming soon

Sustainable Surplus Distribution

Rewarding those who build the future of insurance

The NDF should hold sufficient assets to meet estimated future obligations, even though it is ultimately discretionary. Assets in excess of liabilities may be deemed surplus. Nayms and NAYM stakers can decide to distribute this surplus to the Capital Providers in the marketplace. This mechanism encourages new capacity and its active deployment.

Governance coming soon

Staking rewards

Aligning Supply and Demand Incentives across the Market

NAYM holders can stake their tokens in our staking contract to earn rewards from the Nayms commission pool. This drives incentives for further participation across the network. Such staking also brings governance responsibilities over the Nayms Discretionary Fund (NDF).

Staking coming soon

The NDF is ‘discretionary’ in that it is not subject to any insuring agreements or binding guarantees to third parties. Any monetary relief on petitions is made to uphold the fairness, reputation, and efficiency of Nayms SAC Ltd.

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